1kcal = 4, 2 KJ

I luw the anorectic life!!

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Nasla jsem super pravidla :) konecne neco noveho..urco se tam neco opakuje...ale je to v AJ...tak trochu musite zapojit mozek :D..ale napr. pravidlo,že si mate na jednu ruku napsat cílovou vahu a na druhou nynejsi..tak to je super:)) .. kdyz vas napadne jist,tak vas to odradi :))

Eating Less
  1. Water. Load yourself with it. Keep your stomach totally full of water at all times. Obviously this will leave less room for food. Plus, dehydration makes you hungry.
  2. Become vegetarian. This is not an option. Meat is fatty and disgusting. Do some research on slaughterhouses if you need the incentive. If you are not already underweight, you will lose at least six pounds in two or so months just by omitting meat.
  3. Fat-Free chocolate milk. This is good for sweet cravings, plus it is thick so it fill you up.
  4. RULES, RULES, RULES. This is important. You need to set rules for yourself, and if you are truly ana, you will have no problem sticking to them because you are STRONG! Rules are everything. Don't eat anything white. Do not, under any circumstances, eat after six o'clock. Do not eat before three o'clock. Cut each bite into x amount of pieces, and chew it x amounts of time. Do not eat anything that has over 3 grams of fat. Make more of your own rules accordingly.
  5. Make worksheets! This is fun and helpful. At the bottom of this page I will put a version of my own worksheet, which I do weekly. This will help you keep track of your goals and progress. Copy mine or make your own, print out a bunch of them and put them in a binder. Fill them out often, and review them frequently.
  6. Diet Pills. They might be "dangerous", but hey, I am not doing this for my health. I personally use Metabolife. I lived on Dexatrim Natural for years, but sort of outgrew it. Dexatrim is a great product. They will keep you from overeating, plus give you the buzz you will grow so fond of.
  7. When you get the urge to snack, clean the toilet and the bathtub. Clean it well, and use lots of chemicals. The smell will certainly curb your appetite, plus you'll be burning calories!
  8. Chew sugar-free gum.
  9. Don't eat out, ever.
  10. Don't eat anything that you don't know the nutritional value of.
  11. Tea helps calm a hungry belly. It soothes you and fills you up. No fat, No calories.
  12. Between each bite, put your utensil down. Chew your food until it dissolves.
  13. Write your current weight on one hand, and your goal weight on the other. When you go to eat, you'll be reminded how fat you are, and how skinny you could be.
  14. Drink flavored seltzer, or Pelligrino sparkling water. It will keep you hydrated, but it is more filling than just spring water because of the carbonation.
  15. Get Ketostrips from any local pharmacy or Wal-Mart, or order them online here where they are a couple bucks cheaper (they are under $10 anyway). These will measure the amount of ketones in your urine. Ketones are a byproduct of fat metabolism; your body expels ketones when it is burning fat instead of food. It's important to know when you are in Ketosis because it will help you to know what diet is working for you.
  16. Use your FitDay account (See "Tools of the Trade" below).
Getting Extra Exercise
  • WEAR ANKLE WEIGHTS. EVERYWHERE. Burn, baby, burn. No one will see them under your jeans, especially if you wear boot-cuts or flares.
  • Do not, under any circumstances, set foot in an elevator! Always take the stairs. Especially if you have a heavy load or if you're going up to a very high floor. The more flights, the better.
  • Where ever you go, park in the furthest possible spot and walk.
  • Don't sit unless it is totally unreasonable not to. Don't sit on the subway/bus/train, don't sit while you wait for something/someone; standing burns so many more calories than sitting.
  • Fidget, fidget, fidget. Just by wiggling around a bit during class or work or whatever, you can burn between 300-500 extra calories a day!
  • If you can do it walking, then walk. If I have reading to do for homework, I walk around the campus while I read. This is obviously tough to do with a huge text book, but I'm talking about doing it with a paperback or something.
  • March in place while you watch TV.
  • Do crunches while you watch TV.
Hiding Your Habits
If you find that you MUST go to a family function or other funtion where you will be expected to eat (but not in a restaraunt, type setting where you would all sit together; more like a party with a buffet style meal), get something reasonable like a muffin or some fruit and cheese or whatever, and just carry it around with you. Hover around the table of food now and then, so it is not obvious that you are avoiding it like the plague.
Put dishes and silverware in the sink. Leave "evidence" in the bowl which will correspond to what you claimed to have eaten.
Don't forget to get rid of food you were supposed to have eaten.
Get a bottle of multivitamins and keep your diet pills in the bottle. Always throw the diet-pill boxes away at the store or somewhere outside of your house.
Don't tell people that you think you are fat, and don't talk about dieting. Keep it to yourself, always. You don't want intruders in this part of your life.
Invent an affliction that will be both invisible and "chronic", yet slightly ambiguous. Think Wisdom teeth or "mysterious" stomach problem that just won't seem to get better! Carry around Advil or Tums and use them accordingly when the targeted person (parent, roommate, friend, etc.) is around, but be careful not to make too big of a deal about it. You don't want to make it seem like some horrible illness! Try searching WebMD for some symptoms that could signal any one of a million different things and would make a good excuse for not eating.
Gain a new perspective on animal rights, or organic foods, or anything else that would limit your intake to only your preferred foods. Make comments about things like meat or Doritos such as "Ew.. Do you even know how harmful all those chemicals are to your body?" Get yourself informed on some of these issues (like food additives or GMO's) and talk about them and how bad they are for health and wellness. People will think you are merely very health consious, and will eventually get the idea that you are interested in the total well-being of your body. Trust me, this is my method and it's flawless.

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